Sub Rosa (latin) “under the rose” – in confidence – from the practice in diplomacy during the Middle Ages of hanging a rose over a meeting as a sign of confidentiality and freedom to speak candidly.

SubRosa is an official initiative of Scotland, delivered by a partnership of the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise – the Government’s two economic development agencies. SubRosa meetings organised by these Scottish partners have been held for over 10 years allowing Scotland to contribute on key strategic discussions facing Europe.

The aim is to initiate an open discussion amongst EU decision-makers, commentators and national/regional implementing agencies to ensure that new and innovative voices are heard in strategic discussions on future policy development. The forum is for officials rather than politicians. These discussions are intended as a significant contribution to the European policy process and offer Commission actors, both from Cabinets and services, an opportunity to exchange views with and receive ideas from key operational actors selected from among the Member States, academics and private sector counterparts all in a totally confidential setting. The proceedings follow Chatham House rules i.e. non-attributable contributions to make everyone comfortable to speak openly and freely.


The Role and Potential of Europe's Future Cohesion Policy as a Catalyst for Economic Growth

Our next SubRosa will take place on 7-8 April 2011 and will explore The Role and Potential of Europe's Future Cohesion Policy as a Catalyst for Economic Growth.

This latest in our SubRosa series continues our aim to aid and inform EU policy developments. Our objective is to inject new thinking and ideas into the current debate concerning the link between Cohesion Policy and regional, economic growth. The discussion is timed to be able to assist in the final preparation of the legislative proposals, planned for July 2011. This event seeks to examine Cohesion Policy's proposed future focus and the extent to which this can act as a catalyst to unlock regional potential for economic growth. In reviewing this, we hope to generate a high level debate, exploring approaches to deliver renewed regional economic growth, the role of EU policy tools, including coordination with other EU policies, and specific elements of the future Cohesion Policy in the run-up to the new programming period.

Europe's emergence from the global, financial crisis has led to a tightening of fiscal policy across Europe. Funding, goals and delivery must be prioritised for greatest impact. This context is set within the wider EU policy agenda of Europe 2020 and the Budget Review. Cohesion Policy is facing a renewed emphasis in demonstrating its value as an EU level mechanism for delivering economic growth for all regions. This includes the so-called Competitiveness and Convergence regions and the proposed third type, the intermediate category. The emerging debate has also placed special emphasis on potential factors of economic growth. This includes proposed alignment between Cohesion Policy and Smart Specialisation, as well as Europe's Innovation policy agenda, and the integration with other key policies.

The discussion aims to bring together around 40 individually invited experts in the field from EU institutions, Member States, EU regions and nations, think tanks, business, social partners and academia.

The European Policies Research Centre (EPRC) based in Scotland will prepare an impulse paper for the policy discussion. This will be distributed to participants in advance of the Sub Rosa and will allow for reflection in advance of the event.

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